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Welcome!! [Jan. 9th, 2014|11:24 am]
[Current Location |where Jin is]
[mood |satisfiedpeace of cake]

Just wanted to make a welcome post cause I never did something like this before.

This place is about:

If you'd like to know more about Jin Akanishi or support him please visit following site:
1) Official site
2) Facebook
3) Youtube
4) Twitter

All Jin fans world wide are welcome here to fangirl with me. X3 *fufufu~*
Always happy to meet new fangirls!!! <3

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Most of the things regarding Jin is still open especially news, pics and official stuff.
I mainly locked posts about my OTP which you can easily guess if you just look at the banner ;P and posts regarding private Jin stuff or my personal thoughts.

But please don't be shy to add me if you don't mind the locked stuff.
I accept almost everyone as long as you like Jin. <3
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INDEFINITE HIATUS [Jul. 1st, 2012|04:45 pm]
[mood |uncomfortableuncomfortable]
[music |KAT-TUN - To The Limit]

Can't decide if I'm going to continue with this journal or not...

Maybe someday when Jin will be fully back in glam and glory and I should still have fangirl feelings for him.

Maybe when he finally has that voice back I fell in love with the first time I heard it years ago.

But even if not I can't bring myself to close this dedicated journal because it contains too many memories and emotions I'd like to treasure and I'm pretty sure one day I'm going to be overwhelmed again by one of my typical nostalgia-flashs and then I know I'll need this place even if it's just for dwelling in good old times or crying over the things that are already lost.

Btw I still try to read good AK fanfiction so fellows keep it coming please *lol* There's still a demand for that d00med but forever unforgettable OTP <3 And for weeping and having feels about your OTP tumblr is kinda better fitted anyway. ;P

Until the time I might be back don't forget one thing:



P.S.: Feel free to de-friend me!
I won't hold a grudge against anyone simply because I know most of you just added me because this journals was about Jin. ;)

I'm probably creating a new journal for other fandoms so if you're still interested just add me and I'll add you back. ^^

new livejournal: lolli_no_koe
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KAT-TUN's comment about Jin's marriage [Apr. 24th, 2012|01:21 pm]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Die Ärzte - Zeitverschwendung]

I can only agree with what Nhixxie wrote already.
What's up with this fandom?
If Jin doesn't mention KAT-TUN at all, people bitch.
If KAT-TUN didn't mention Jin (maybe because they weren't allowed or because they was no contact between them anyway), people bitch.
And if they finally talk about him and tell us their honest opinions, PEOPLE STILL BITCH! >_<

I don't get why they can be just happy that KAT-TUN expressed their feelings about it even though it was written on theri faces how fed up they are with all the questions about an ex member they obviously aren't in contact with anymore at a press conference that was actually about their own concert tour.
I'm sorry to say this Jin fans but I understand K-T's feelings very well!

And about Kame's comment I doubt that he wanted Jin to look like the bad guy when he said there was no contact between them but it was probably just the truth and he also tried to explain why he didn't know what to say when he was asked that question the first time at the Panasonic press con. I still think he did the right thing not to comment at all back then!

And I also agree with Koki and hope that the media will stop asking them everytime when something is related to Jin.

press con videosCollapse )

After all they congratulated him and Kame said (similar to what Nakamaru also said before) that he hoped Jin will act responsible from now on with a wife and child on its way.
Let's just hope after that the media will be satisfied and won't bug them with this anymore!
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About the current situation [Apr. 19th, 2012|01:11 pm]
[mood |busybusy]
[music |Slash feat. Myles Kennedy - You're A Lie]

I know this is an unpopular opinion but I'm very glad about the fact that Jin is not playing Onizuka-sensei in the remake version of GTO. Since I think this whole project is doomed to fail anyway (because you can't make a fabulous original better) at least like this they can't make him the skapegoat in then end resulting in an even bigger popularity loss.

I think it would be more helpful for his career right now to take a low profile until all this chaos around him is kinda settled.

I refuse to comment on the Jin vs JE drama and the whole punishment thing.

What Reio already said on Twitter:
"Everything happens for a reason すべての物事が起きるのには理由がある"

At least Meisa's pregnancy condition is stable now and the baby healthy.
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Sun Burns Down Fan Video Contest finalists [Feb. 19th, 2012|10:43 am]
[mood |awakeawake]
[music |Adele - Someone Like You]

You still remember Jin's Fan Video contest? Yeah the one that was only for US and Canadian citizens (what? no of course I don't hold a grudge)

Well they finally chose the Top 5 finalists

And you can VOTE for your favorite video every 24 hours.

Just go to Jin Akanishi's official site and look under Fan Video Contest category.

I think they're all well done and I like the variety they chose.
What is your fav video? I'm just curious if there is a tendency so far.
So if you don't mind you can also vote anonymously in the following poll:

Poll #1820018 Jin Akanishi Sun Burns Down Fan Video Contest

What is your favorite video?

limegummi (ukulele cover)
Tear Here (stop motion animation)
RKCC (live action interpretation)
Chai Productions (live action/dance)
Nhixxie (live action/acapella)

I have my personal favorite already.

Okay then happy voting guys. ^^ But remember voting in the real poll at Jin's site is more important. ;)
This thing here is just for fun.
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About newspaper reporters and unrelated questions [Feb. 16th, 2012|02:52 am]
[mood |irritatedirritated]
[music |KAT-TUN - Niigata CHAIN concert]

It's already a few days ago but it still bugs me.

It's one thing to ask Nakamaru about Jin's marriage when he's already sitting in some kind of talk or news show and the news about Jin x Meisa were still fresh and everyone was kinda surprised about the matter and curious if maybe he talked to other JE collegues / ex group members about his marriage plans:


When asked if he knew about it beforehand he said that he also only heard about it through the TV news and was very surprised and like "REALLY?" xD Then he was requested to give some message or advice to Jin and he said something like "Now that you're married many things change so I hope you'll be responsible and take care of your wife"... not very accurate but stuff along those line. xD''

But with Kame it was a whole different matter.
He was actually at a Panasonic Beauty press conference to endorse a new hair massager product (don't ask why guys need something like this xD) and the rude press had really nothing better to do than bombarding him with questions about Jin's marriage.
But Kamenashi wouldn't be our amazing idol if he couldn't handle such an awkward situation like a pro:

No reaction is also a statement! *LOL* And one that actually tells the press to finally STFU and concentrate on related matters. >D
I love the smirk he's giving in that one scene like he totally knew that this question would pop up but still decided to refuse to answer. xD And then pokerface!Kame was quickly leaving and left the press pretty much unsatisfied and raging(?)....

Because the next day Nikkan Sports newspaper "graced" following headline:

”Kamenashi cares more about his own scalp than the marriage of others”

With a picture of him and the Panasonic product and right next to that a picture of Jin happily leaving to LA.

Seriously WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU fuckers??? >____<
He did the only right thing with ignoring the questions cause it was completely unrelated to the event.
He did his job and didn't let his emotions getting in the way.
Dear media FYI this is what's called _professionalism_!!!

Even the Panasonic staff crew was glad and amazed by his behaviour.

“Today a GREAT DEAL of media came like flies swarming the food. A bunch of unrelated questions were thrown in. But at the atmosphere like that, Kamenashi-kun still thought of sponsors and his role at the time and chose not to speak. He’s such a smart kid. People who can overcome the situation is really cool”

- Panasonic Crew
(credit: darkangelhome @arama post)

And just imagine if he would have given a statement... the headlines would prob be like "Kamenashi is snooping his nose into other people's marriages instead of focusing on the product in his hand."
So whatever he'd done they make him look bad.

I just hate it how he was made the scapegoat now to a topic that has absolutely NOTHING to do with him. (akame heart being ignored for a moment)
It's like when Jin's not there to get all the blame for everything they turn to the next available victim which is Kame, or what?
I'm sorry but I don't see any logic in this.

They could have asked him about this in a more appropriate occasion and even then he still had all the rights to refuse to comment!
They are not band members anymore and in Jin's point of view not even some kind of friends (my own believe doesn't matter here) so why should he know anything more than Johnny himself?
Why didn't they just ask Jin's beloved Yamapi or Ryo-chan or U-kun? Or maybe even Keibo, that guy knows probably everything about Jin nowadays.

If the stupid media really thought we, as AK fans, would be happy about it when they ask Kame these things they have no fucking idea what this fandom is about. D:

*stops ranting and goes to bed*
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Sun Burns Down live at Shounen Club [Feb. 15th, 2012|02:18 am]
[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Jin Akanishi - Sun Burns Down]

You can get the video in a better quality at the usual places/communities.

This is just for having a quick look.

HQ videosCollapse )

The talk part afterwards is also subbed already I think.
I'll try to add a translation later but basically they just asked him the usual stuff and when they asked what the song is about Jin blatantly said that it's about having sex but that bit was cut out by a prude NHK channel. >__>
And at the end Kawai wants to go out eating with Jin but Jin just said he doesn't even have his phone number. *LOL* That was a  rejection! xD''
Jin should def be more in touch with his Juniors esp when so many of them mentioned him as their most respected sempai and also because I want to see cute JinxYabu or JinxHikaru interaction like in the past. *sobs* ;_;
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KAT-TUN + Jin = CHAINed forever [Feb. 15th, 2012|01:32 am]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |Madonna - Tell Me]

(credit on the pic)

I see what you did there.... and I like it. :D

So whoever had the idea of Jin's Japonicana US version cover is a jinius. xD

And also Kame's ending message at the Niigata concert:
"Cause everyone are always chained together. Please don’t forget about this."
(translation from here)

Secondly the new K-T concept is also matching Jin's situation so damn much.
They probably didn't know his intention but K-T's new official shop photos in tuxedos screams so much ikemen wedding. *lol*

I wanted an ikemen weddingCollapse )

Oh and if we have so much KAT-TUN in here already why not just doing a bit advertising for their new single LOCK ON. XD
It's finally something more rock-ish and I approve that very much. *gg*

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Jin at the Grammy Awards 2012 [Feb. 14th, 2012|08:19 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Kamenashi Kazuya - Zutto]

And no he wasn't nominated.
I guess making it on iTunes Dance Charts twice still doesn't count as very successful in the US. [/sarcasm] :P

Well therefor he got invited to be a commentator for the live coverage of the Grammy Awards and yes you read that correctly, a COMMENTATOR.... this is someone who has to talk... fluently (in whatever language) and for a VERY LONG time...
I know I'm mean again right now but I just couldn't believe my own eyes when I read these news.

Jin Akanishi the guy who said about himself that he hates it to do MC stuff because his talking consists of all kinds of mumbling, slang-usage, no complete sentences etc. ^^; I guess whoever chose him to do that job was either a sadist, had no fucking idea about Jin's personality at all or just hoped Jin could use that as practice to get better at speaking. *lol*

Anyway of course this glorious appearance wouldn't have been complete without a typical Bakanishi-moment XD

(gif is not mine)
Looking kinda confused on the Red Carpet. Poor thing, he was probably still jet-lagged and well the Red Carpet looks huge after all so no wonder one can get easily lost there.

If he did a good job there you can judge by yourself watching the following three videos here:
Twitvid - Jin Akanishi at Grammy Awards

I hope a subbed version is following soon.

To be honest at first I had thought they talk more about what's going on at the Grammys but it looked like in the studio they talked a lot more about Jin and his recent activities.

Btw fans were already complaining about his look again *LOL* Being not vey fond of the current poodle-look he's presenting some of them even suggested he should wear the damned fedoras again xDDDDD
Ok maybe he really looked a little bit messed up like this but I still think he was just rushing from the airport to the location so there was not much time for anything and hey at least he didn't wear sunglasses or any other glasses this time (you all screamed for that) so now we have to deal with his visible poodle hair and panda eyebags. ;P
But seriously Jin beaming like there's no tomorrow and the cute faces he made let everything else fading into the background.

more Jin cutenessCollapse )
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Japonicana album [Feb. 13th, 2012|09:29 pm]
[mood |draineddrained]
[music |Whitney Houston - My Name is Not Susan]

I pre-ordered Jin's JAPONICANA JPN album today. :D

Official release date for the Japanese version is March 7 and the US version March 6.

Regular Edition (CD)

1. Sun Burns Down
2. California Rock (feat. Prophet)
3. That’s What She Said
4. Like You
5. Set Love Free
6. Aphrodisiac (feat. Static Revenger)
7. Oowah
8. Test Drive (feat. Jason Derulo) (7th Heaven Mix)
9. Tell Me Where (Bonus Track)
10. Yellow Gold (Bonus Track)
11. Magnitude (Bonus Track)
12. Body Talk (Bonus Track)

Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

1. Sun Burns Down
2. California Rock (feat. Prophet)
3. That’s What She Said
4. Like You
5. Set Love Free
6. Aphrodisiac (feat. Static Revenge)
7. Oowah
8. Test Drive (feat. Jason Derulo)
9. Tell Me Where (Bonus Track)
10. Pin Dom (Bonus Track)
11. Bass Go Boom (Bonus Track)
(Yellow Gold tracks in italic)

US Edition

1. Sun Burns Down
2. California Rock (feat. Prophet)
3. That’s What She Said
4. Like You
5. Set Love Free
6. Aphrodisiac (feat. Static Revenger)
7. Oowah
8. Test Drive (feat. Jason Derulo) (7th Heaven Mix)

Next is the US edition and since it will be also available on Amazon GERMANY I'm so going to get it there. *___*

So if you're also from Germany you can buy it here: amazon.de Japonicana US version

I'm actually very interested in Aphrodisiac and California Rock *gg* and super happy that a few more YGT tracks made it on the album. <3 It can't be that we won't get them all recorded someday.

Oh and my oral fixation comes through again while looking at the regular cover. |D
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